Dear Parent,

We have taken the initiative to answer a few of your queries below. We hope they are helpful to you‼

Q.1. Why should you choose REJOICE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL?

Ans. We at RIS, believe that right and relevant education lays a strong foundation for development and growth of our children. Our vision is to offer an exceptional learning environment that develops happy compassionate, ethical and global learners. Our focus is not only to work with critical number of children but ensure that they apply what they learn and become lifelong learners.

Q.2 How is RIS different from other schools?

Ans. Established in a peaceful residential locality of Malad (W), RIS offers a compact yet educationally rich school infrastructure. Learning environment that works on the philosophy of EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE AND EXPRESS ensures that there is enough relevant engagement for children. With emphasis on technology, a smart approach towards hands on learning and team of academicians that ensures that implementation of teaching learning program is honest and one to one is what makes RIS unique. With the aim to provide the best in tradition, culture, while giving children a winning edge, RIS brings a fresh perspective to learning.

Q.3. Does RIS offer International curriculum?

Ans. RIS follows the international curriculum pedagogy right from Nursery till Grade 12.

Q.4. How will my child benefit from RIS?

Ans. Six reasons that shall benefit your child:

• Education Research and Development Centre within the campus for benchmarking and empowerment of leaners and educators.

• Latest Educational Resources for students, educators and parents.

• Exclusive Learning zones- seamless part of school infrastructure triggering learning anywhere everywhere.

• Technology driven school ensuring ease of communication, transparency and best use of available knowledge.

• Expert Interface to promote developmental program like personality development, art & aesthetics, music appreciation, love for reading and more.

• A well-researched curriculum from Pre-School to Grade 5 supplemented by unique modules for ensuring 360* growth of our children.

Q.5. Is RIS an English medium, Co-education school? Is it diverse in its thoughts?

Ans. Yes, RIS is an English medium Co-education school.

Yes, we welcome children from varied backgrounds, race, and cultures.

Q.6. What are the school days and timings?

Ans. The school timings for academic session 2018-19 are as follows:

Play Group : Sr. Kg: 8: 00 am – 11:30 pm

Grade 1- 5 : 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Days : Monday – Friday

Q.7. School shall be up to what grade for session 2018-19?

Ans. The school shall become operational for grade Nursery- V for the academic session 2018-19 and shall progress one grade every year till it reaches Grade 12.

Q.8. How many divisions will there be per grade and what shall be the student strength per grade?

Ans. There shall be 2 divisions per grade with 25 students in each division eventually.

Q.9. Will the teaching staff be trained and qualified? Will they communicate only in English?

Ans. Yes, the teaching staff shall be qualified and shall be fluent in the English language. They shall be trained at the Research & Development wing of the School.

Q.10. What co-curricular activities will the school offer?

Ans. The School has developed a 360* Developmental program. Focus shall be on creativity, physical health, hygiene, fine arts, 21st century skills, values and virtues, sports, personality development, communication skills. The school also offers In -School and Beyond school platforms to test and exhibit ones talents and skills.

Q.11. When does the session commence/begin?

Ans. The session 2018-19 shall commence in the month of June 2018.

Q.12. Will my child be able to cope with a change from the ICSE or CBSE to International curriculum?

Ans. Yes certainly, we shall ensure a smooth transition from ICSE/CBSE through support sessions and one to one hand holding if required.

Q.13. Will there be a lot of home assignments? I have heard it is tough to cope up with International curriculums?

Ans. Learning is enjoyable, when the student and the educator are all in sync with each other. We shall ensure that the entire learning journey is joyful and exciting. Striking the right balance and making children self-learners is our goal at RIS.

Q.14. Does the school offer meal/lunch services?

Ans. Yes, the school shall offer meal services to its students on the campus. These shall be optional not compulsory.

Q.15. What are the medical & safety norms followed at the School?


Medical Assistance: The School shall have a Medical Bay/ Medical Centre on campus managed by a full time qualified nurse. The school shall tie up with the nearest hospital and the Medical Centre at school campus shall be managed by the hospital itself.

Safety: School follows all required safety norms. The campus has three separate manned and CCTV monitored entries. Entry for children is exclusive. OTP based visitor management system ensures only authorized entries and exits.

NO Vehicle Zone: Vehicles are not allowed inside the school campus. Entire Campus is CCTV Camera monitored with security officer put on surveillance. The school proposes to have ALL FEMALE Staff to manage the school. Fire safety systems, backup Generators all part of the safety systems at school. In case of emergency the school shall follow the emergency evacuation plan.

Man Management: Entire support staff of the school shall be police verified and certified by outsourced agencies to ensure transparency and safety of the children.

Q.16. Will the school provide Transportation Services? Is it compulsory to avail School Transport?

Ans. Yes, the school shall provide transportation services on selected routes. The service shall be provided by an outsourced agency.

It’s an optional service and is not compulsory. However we encourage the students to come in school buses as part of the school program and from safety point of view.

The school buses shall have GPRS enabled trackers and in transit CCTV cameras for monitoring.

Q.17. How does your school focus on values that are important for children to learn?

Ans. School aims at implementing I AM POSSIBLE & Values and Virtues programs exclusive focusing on value sensitization and global citizenship. These ongoing programs aim to develop our students from a very young age, to lead their own lives with responsibility, to work well with others and to learn to do the right thing. The international environment of the school aims at making our students Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators¸ Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, Reflective individuals.

Values & Virtues is at the heart of our learning program. It’s threaded with in the regular school curriculum and is taught via role plays, school cinema, scenario building thus making it hands on and effective.

Q.18. How do you prepare the students to pass entrance tests for college admissions?

Ans. We encourage our students ‘To Learn How to Learn’ which will make them life-long learners. The mastery on the process ensures that they can crack the exams or tests easily. Analysis, research, information seeking, visualization, technology use all ensure that children are ready to crack any exam with full enthusiasm and confidence.

Q.19 Why is there such emphasis on Technology at school?

Ans. It’s a fact that technology is the new harbinger of change. With our commitment to prepare our children for future we feel that it is imperative that we keep the school technology program updated and current so our children and teachers remain in connect the world that is changing so rapidly.

Q.20 Do you follow a regular Fitness Coaching Program?

Ans. Physical fitness is given top priority at school. With a comprehensive FITNESS PROGRAM at school in collaboration with fitness experts the school, lays emphasis on the body and mind simultaneously. We believe a healthy body will keep one energetic and shall make learning more fun and exciting.

Q.21 Does the school provide career counseling to the students?

Ans. We believe in catching them young. The school program gives adequate time to children to explore and express their talents and skills. During primary years the idea is to introduce them to the exciting world of science, social science, technology, fine arts, sports and let them enjoy what interests them.

But we also focus in identifying exceptional talent and putting them on fast track. At higher grades students are introduced to formal career counselling that enables them to make informed choices for their future.

Q.22 Does the school promote tuitions?

Ans. At RIS we do not promote Tuitions. Our aim is to make students independent learners. In case the student needs assistance we shall be more than happy to make them part of our school support program in school or post school hours at no additional fee.

Q.23. How will the school communicate with us?

Ans. At RIS we believe in hassle free communication. The school shall introduce a mobile APP to ensure ease of communication. The App shall keep you abreast with day to day updates and also give you platform to share your queries with us. Apart from this, the School Almanac, meetings via appointments and Parent Teacher Meets are other available platforms for a one to one connect with us.

Q.24. Can I accompany my child to school on the first few days till he/ she settles down?

Ans. Yes, we do allow parents of children in Play- Group or Nursery to be with their wards for 2- 3 days initially till the children get acquainted to the new school environment .

Q.25. Will children have to carry bags to school?

Ans. The school provides individual lockers for each child within the classroom. We also follow a rotation book time table and children are supposed to bring only the books mentioned in the time table to school as and when required. This ensures that the school bags are not heavy and children are comfortable.

Q.26. Does the school offer DAY CARE Facilities and after School Activity Program?

Ans. Yes, the school offers DAY CARE Program. The program is optional and is not a part of school academic program.

After School Activities program is independent of School Program and is optional for parent’s to enrol their children for the same.

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