early year learning program in rejoice international school

It’s a known fact that the brain activity is maximum during the early years of child’s physical development. Early Years Curriculum at RIS has been customized to give our little ones maximum stimulus in a safe, exciting and magical learning environment. Every child at this age needs maximum exposure both through within classroom and beyond classroom initiatives. RIS prides itself in giving each child what he /she needs to flourish academically. At RIS, we benefit from an unparalleled depth and breadth of educational expertise, with pedagogical experts developing a learning curriculum that is based on the EYFS frame work and integrates Multiple Intelligences approach towards learning. With age appropriate and a fun filled teaching learning approach coupled with trained educators and a sensitive team of care givers Early Years Program at RIS will keep children excited and happy.

A holistic curriculum that not only focuses on developing the knowledge of language , numeracy and environment but also gives equal relevance to music and movement, STEM, physical play, sensory play, theater and drama, stories and fables and much more, Which ensures that our little ones are developing physically, intellectually, emotionally and culturally.

We invite you to visit our Pre Primary Wing at RIS and see how children fall in love with their learning environment and become ACTIVE Learners.

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