The Primary School Learning Program is a natural extension of the Early Years Program. With a special bridge curriculum designed to ensure that our little ones move comfortably to Grade 1, the Primary School learning program opens a new dimension to experience international curriculums in action. RIS aims to provide a balanced educational interface to students studying in Grades 1 to 5. We offer our students a well-rounded educational experience with opportunities to develop and grow in all areas whilst placing a strong emphasis on academic excellence. With our core focus on Language, Numeracy and Science, we place substantial importance on enabling our students to become well-rounded individuals by providing them opportunities to be a part of a strong curricular, sporting, and co-curricular program.

RIS proposes to align itself with the international curriculum and do 100 % justice to the learning framework. A forward looking curriculum which helps to provide students with a dynamic and progressive understanding of the world they live in as well as prepares them for an ever evolving future. With technology, culture and library resources at the core of collaborative learning system, we ensure that education remains holistic and relevant throughout the Primary Years at RIS.

As our students progress naturally, RIS shall offer Middle School and High School program on the same campus in the subsequent years to come.

Experience the Primary Years Program at RIS and appreciate the holistic approach to learning.

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