A vision to engage the 21st century learner who is sharp, intuitive and innovative. We believe that schooling of the future is going to be skill based, skills that are relevant to 21st century and beyond. RIS acknowledges this change and aims at setting up agile, flexible and evolution based learning curriculums and platforms. Apart from the fact that children will attain knowledge it is imperative that they learn to apply, sift and package relevant knowledge for critical thinking and problem solving.

Our core learning philosophy at RIS revolves around 3E’s of education –


As children grow they move from a realm of unknown to known and exploration becomes the very first stage of learning at the formative years of a child’s life. Learning through experiences drives one towards application and problem solving. Expression enables one to communicate, collaborate and associate with like minded learners to give a new dimension to learning. We are sure that as a learning community if we imbibe these three stages of learning in their purest form we shall enable our children to be ready for a world that is changing at a rapid rate.

RIS is a community based school that aims at maximizing the potential of relationships between teacher, students and parents. We believe in safety, transparency and providing opportunities to our children to collaborate and learn from the best. We know we are making a small beginning by offering an international learning curriculum to students in the age group of 3 years (Nursery) to 11 + years (Grade V) for the academic session 2018-19 but we are poised to take the school till Grade XII as we progress naturally.

We are happy and excited to share our vision and philosophy with all of you and hope that you shall become a part of this unique initiative.

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