At RIS, we believe that effective learning is where the learner is engaged and motivated to explore and investigate, develop skills, knowledge, and understanding and can apply these with a sense of purpose, progress and achievement in different contexts. Educators have to play a very important role in this process. From being a friend, mother, confidant an educator plays a very critical role in shaping the personality and attitude of a child.

We hold our Educators in high esteem. We believe that a happy, empowered educator can do wonders with the children. It’s imperative that we respect and give importance to the challenge that educators have accepted. At RIS, we welcome Educators from different backgrounds having varied perspectives. We believe in a mixed age and multicultural team that gives us the balance of energy and experience. Every educator interface at RIS is smooth, transparent and easy for the students, parents and colleagues. With constant training and empowerment programs, sharing best practices within and beyond the team, the Educators at RIS are progressive, tech savvy, keen to listen to the students and open to adapt and transform learning. Ever learning interface at RIS is filled with encouragement, love and acceptance. Educators are the key to the success of every student who is part of RIS.

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