management team in rejoice international school

Mr. Amit Dhadda | Managing Trustee

Rejoice Int School is a dream come true for me personally.It encourages me to challenge the convention and initiate change the way we perceive education to be. I believe that there is no mountain high enough that an individual can not climb. All one needs is the right mindset, support and loads of belief in his/her abilities. At RIS, we intend to create that belief in every child and ensure that he/she faces every challenge successfully. I take this opportunity, to welcome you to be a part of this dream at RIS.

Mr. Ashwin Dhadda | Managing Trustee

“Our inspiration is to be the key that deciphers the needs and aspirations of the learners of 21st century. We believe in staying relevant, tech equipped, flexible and sensitive to child’s need for learning, understanding and innovation. We acknowledge the present but are also eager to change and create more wholesome, efficient, intelligent and humane learning environments for our children.”

Mrs. Tejal Dhadda | Managing Trustee

Love, Care and Respect are three cornerstones around which the life of each child revolves.I firmly believe that every child is special and unique. At RIS, we do not wish to just talk about the uniqueness rather we aspire to nurture that unique talent. Our endeavor is to provide the right environment for the children to express themselves. During the course of their learning journey at RIS, We wish that they become practical, sensitive and good decision makers for themselves and the community. Wishing them with all the good luck, I hope they achieve their dreams and become a successful part of Global Learning Community.

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