Rejoice International School is strategically located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Malad, West. RIS campus is compact yet functional and completely child centered. Based on the premise that every touch point has to trigger imagination and curiosity, RIS campus provides platforms for hands on learning and mind engagement even when one walks through just exploring the campus. At RIS, we have planned for unique concept spaces that are integrated into the curriculum thus making learning more engaging and fun. With safety and hygiene at top of the priority list the entire infrastructure is CCTV monitored and is powered by an OTP based Visitor Management System. With a strict policy of No- Vehicle Zone and separate entries and exit points for students and visitors we have controlled the interface. with our students. A WIFI enabled campus ensures that we are connected at all times. Bridging communication gap through a mobile APP that ensures that the information of your little ones is a just a click away and we remain connected to each other.

Acknowledging inclusivity and also enabling vertical movement in the G+7 structure through dedicate lifts operated by women, ensures that the movement is safe and easy. We welcome you to come and experience the learning environment at RIS.


Every classroom or learning studio at RIS is an air conditioned independent learning unit in itself. Spacious, vibrant, dynamic, technologically integrated, every learning studio has an in-class library, interactive touch surfaces, WIFI, lockers for children, mind map boards, art corners for preschoolers, enactment zones, flexi seating and loads of teaching learning aids for the children to explore. Created for a capacity of 25 – 30 students, every learning studio is moderated by our expert educators and monitored by CCTV cameras along with PA systems to ensure that the classrooms are safe and connected. Learning studios at RIS, have been conceptualized as per the changing learning dynamics of the learners at different age groups thus making learning more effective.


The knowledge Hub at RIS is the core that drives and controls learning. An exclusive space designed for learners to encourage them to explore, experience and express. The Knowledge Hub is powered with WIFI networks, e- readers, laptops, Learning BOT, Interactive Boards, world maps, globes, an extensive collection of books and digital content. With the library hour purposefully threaded into the curriculum the learners are encouraged to be an active part of school library. The infrastructure at the Knowledge hub provides opportunities for social interactions, group learning, discussions, workshops and one to one learning also. With exciting programs to promote reading, referencing and increasing ones knowledge base the library invites children, educators and parents to be a part of this wonderful world of books and more.


Creativity, visualization, presentation are the key skills for a 21st century learner. The art and aesthetics program begins from Pre Primary and makes its way through to the Primary and Middle School. A customized workshop space inadvertently pushes you to think creative, appreciate abstract and gives the freedom to draw, create and express in a most wonderful way. The infrastructure at the Art & Aesthetics Workshop allows one to use the canvas/paper on an easel platform or a floor, or a wall or even a digital screen. Powered by interactive multi-touch boards which in turn can be converted into digital drawing boards the workshop allows one to experiment with handmade to digital art. Apart from practising art and aesthetics the workshop also enables one to appreciate art through an exhibit space and flexi displays, an integrated library that houses rare reading and reference material on art and culture. Art and Aesthetics workshop is a place where learning takes new shape every day.


Rhythm and melodies play a very important role in every learner’s life. Exclusive spaces dedicated to music and movement ensure that the program is implemented independently and effectively. Learning and appreciating both Indian and western music and dance forms enables one to physically express himself/herself. Under the guidance of experts the Dance and Music Studios, offer right environment to the children to learn and share both art forms. Equipped with appropriate flooring, primary acoustics and all required sound systems the studios can function independently during regular school hours and beyond. Catering to both instrumental, vocals and various dance forms the studios allows one to identify his/her talent and hone his/her skills. Loads of fun and learning awaits our learners at RIS Music & Dance Studios.


Technology is the pivot around which learning shall revolve at RIS. With the aim of the introduction of technology and its tools at the right age, to understanding the academic aspect of technology as a core subject, RIS aspires to become a technology-driven institution.

A dedicated Technology Lab powered with latest machines and tech tools ensure that students at RIS have access to the latest and the relevant. Backed by a dedicated server to ensure data security and linked via a LAN and WIFI network the Tech Lab is connected to the entire campus for ease of sharing and accessing. Technology of future like augmented reality is part of our Tech Discovery Centres. AT RIS, we are keen to discover what’s new and initiate our students towards the same with a constructive perspective.


Invention, application and deep understanding of concepts is what drives the Science Labs at RIS. With a dedicated floor for labs supplemented along with preparation rooms, safety showers, rich digital and print content, state of the art safe and certified equipment, ample learning resources, fume chambers and ample space for students and educators to experiment and learn and build a culture of invention and discovery. A visit to the Science Lab is always exciting and the environment takes one to the world of science and adventures.


Physically and mentally FIT is what all of us aspire to be at RIS. We promote a culture of being healthy and leading a well-balanced life both at school and at home. Customized spaces for yoga, physical endurance routines, floor gymnastics, martial arts, table tennis, chess, carom, dart games are all part of daily routine at the school. An all-weather multipurpose court to give our students first-hand exposure to games like Basketball, cricket, football and sharpen their skills is part of the sports infrastructure at RIS. Strategic tie ups for swimming coaching and advanced training for selected sports also ensures that the Sports infrastructure at school is supplemented through the expertise of these professional sporting centres.


RIS in order to ensure child wellbeing has entered into a strategic tie up with a leading hospital of Mumbai. Under their able guidance the medical centre has been set up at the school premises and is managed by the team of medical care givers of the Hospital only. The Medical Centre set up is child friendly and comfortable. With examination tables to resting bay, the wellness centre offers a calm environment for giving primary level assistance for any illness to students and staff of RIS.


RIS campus promotes hands-on experiential based learning. We believe that unless one doesn’t create guided spaces and touch points that stimulate child’s mind and body experimental learning module doesn’t really take shape. At RIS, we have invested a lot of thought into creating interactive spaces that promote various aspects of life learning.

the nature scape


The Nature – Scape invites our little ones to sow seeds and observe them as they grow into saplings and plants. Tracking, caring for them is all part of nature scape learning.

the flower pods buttery zone


The Flower Pods & Buttery Zone are all part of the understanding and appreciating life as It evolves.

active kids


ACTIVE Kids promotes physical and intellectual play simultaneously ranging from wall puzzles to balanced beams and climbers are all part of the learning and development at RIS.

best out of waste


BEST out of WASTE, a unique zone that challenges one to use waste in a more effective and artistic manner. The concepts of Environment conservation take real shape with activities and initiatives at Best from Waste Zone.

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