school vision


“Making every day a joyful learning experience for our young learners.”

mission for international school


At RIS, we believe that exploration is the first step towards learning. So creating learning spaces that are exciting, safe, meaningful and joyous is one of our key endeavours at RIS.


Creating happy experiences, joyous moments and creative learning interfaces is what RIS aims to achieve. We aspire to involve every child in the process of learning thus making each experience more relevant. Creating lifelong learners, who are keen to adapt and change is one of our key focus areas at RIS.


Acknowledgement, Encouragement and Success are the three outcomes of successful expression. At RIS,  it is our aim to give every child an exclusive platform to express his/her talents, skills and emotions. We firmly believe that every child is gifted and with right knowledge and tools they can become contributors at a Global Stage.

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