I, Ms. Preeti, mother of Vedansh Paidimuddala, from Nursery A, hereby take this opportunity to thank you, for all your efforts and endeavours, for making all events, A grand success.

You along with all the staff, Respected Teachers, Didis and the Admin, have been really helpful and like a Mother to Vedansh.

Words cannot explain the emotions in my heart.

Thank you very much for everything.
My best wishes to one and all of you.

Parent’s Name: Ms. Preeti  Paidimuddala           Child’s Name: Vedansh Paidimuddala                               Grade: Nursery


Its very nice to be invited here, gets very positive energy and fellings from Rejoice.

 Hope we get a lot in future.

Parent’s Name: Madhulika Gupta                  Child’s Name: Aarav Gupta                               Grade: Nursery


Super awesome fun time, Mommies and Kids had a great time and enjoyed  all activities


Parent’s Name: Tina Mehra                    Child’s Name: ShivanshMehra                             Grade: Nursery


This was really an “AWESOME” event. Thank you for calling us. Let’s have many of these events.

Thank you.

Parent’s Name: PranaliParkar              Child’s Name: Riaan Parkar        Grade: Nursery


Thank you Rejoice for all the fun activities along with study and learning. Makes learning more fun.

Baali loves coming to his “Rejoice”.

Parent’s Name: Trupti Sharma              Child’s Name: Baali Sharma                                    Grade: Nursery


It’s really great time with kids, good interacting by parents and kids. Great day thanks RIS team

Parent’s Name: NamrataGodambe              Child’s Name: Nathan Godambe                     Grade: Nursery


Excellent Arrangement and Great Co-ordination.

Thank you to all Teachers

Parent’s Name: Preeti Sharma             Child’s Name: Nathan Vedansh K.P                     Grade: Play Group




Very good initiative… Super Day…Very playful Day

School is doing absolutely fantastic.

Parent’s Name: Anshu and HardikChheda Child’s Name: AadhyaChheda                     Grade: Play Group


My baby enjoyed a lot, the activities are awesome and coordination too

Parent’s Name: Rudhi    Child’s Name: Anaya                     Grade: Nursery (Vibgyor)


Can see a lot of energy and enthusiasm in all teachers. Good job done by all

Parent’s Name: SapnaAfsal   Child’s Name: ViyanaAfsal                     Grade: Nursery



A perfect blend of Information + entertainment

Parent’s Name: Jaya  Jairath   Child’s Name: NeelanshJairath                     Grade: Nursery


Every Bit of it was a fun for kids, great initiative

Parent’s Name: Bhakti Aneja   Child’s Name: SaishaAneja                     Grade: Nursery

Well Organized event, looking forward to the next year. Riva had fun and enjoyed all the games.

Thanking Rejoice for organizing and making it an interactive movement.

Parent’s Name: Vanitha Solanki   Child’s Name: Riva Solanki                     Grade: Play Group


Well organized and well planned event. Keep up the Good work Rejoice.

Had a great Fun

Parent’s Name: Ritu Bajaj   Child’s Name: Neeyan Bajaj                     Grade: Nursery

PERFECT play time with our kids. Thank you Rejoice

Parent’s Name: Jaishree Jain   Child’s Name: Ahaan Mehta                     Grade: Nursery


Very nice and Happy to be in Rejoice. We enjoyed a lot. Hope to see such events more.

Thank you everyone!

Parent’s Name: PreetiAswani    Child’s Name: Niska Aswani                   Grade: Nursery


Had  lots of fun with kids and very joyful and playful day, Thanks a lot for this wonderful day.

Parent’s Name: SangeetaThapa   Child’s Name: CeyoneThappa                     Grade: Nursery


Very happy and positive environment. Me and Stuti first time had such an awesome experience.

Thank you for the wonderful day. Well Organized

Parent’s Name: RanjeetaSurana   Child’s Name: StutiSurana                     Grade: Nursery


We had a Great Time! God Bless Rejoice. Thank you whole Team of Rejoice who really made us feel one big family! Lots of love

Parent’s Name: Aliya Hyderabadwala   Child’s Name: AdiHyderabadwala                      Grade: 3rd


It was really a great fun and spent good time with all the kids and parents.

Thank you so much for arranging.

Parent’s Name: Neha Kadam   Child’s Name: AadyaKadam                      Grade: Nursery


Such events are just a glimpse of how much fun learning can be. It was a fantabulous event and whole staff is your biggest asset.

 Such courtesy warmth and love Thank you

Parent’s Name: Shalini Khanna   Child’s Name:TathaghatGoswami                      Grade: Play Group

As always everything was happy, bright and in good spirit. Shiv enjoyed himself and so did I.

Best wishes always fro a successful year ahead.

Parent’s Name: Shilpaa Sharma   Child’s Name: Shiv Dhingra                      Grade: Jr Kg


Rejoice always gives the best and we all are enjoying.

Parent’s Name: BhavnaBhavsar   Child’s Name:VedikaBhavsar                      Grade: Sr Kg


Nice school, we liked this event, and well organized  and co-operative  teachers.

Parent’s Name: Kamini   Child’s Name:                      Grade: l


Awesome experience, keep going, looking forward for more joyful events like this.

Parent’s Name: SunitaGoli               Child’s Name:AshitaGoli                      Grade: Jr Kg


Great time in Rejoice we enjoyed a lot. Lovely experience very supportive teachers and staff

Parent’s Name: Seema Qureshi   Child’s Name:Mazhar Qureshi                      Grade: Jr Kg


The event was well organized and executed. An innovative methodology of learning as you play…

Parent’s Name: Felicia Correia   Child’s Name:Shalom Correia                      Grade: 2nd


It was a great time and fun event as I went back in my childhood. Thanks RejoiceTeam  for all the effort made for our kids.

Parent’s Name: Reena Mehta   Child’s Name:Sia and Bhavi Mehta                     Grade: 2ndand 3rd

Super Fun Play Day!! Awesome idea and execution

Thank you!!

Parent’s Name: ZinkalSoni                                 Child’s Name:Ryann Soni                      Grade: Nursery

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