preschool learning philosophy

To meet every child where he/she is what drives us all at RIS. Based on the learning model of 3E’s Explore: Experience: Express, learning at RIS is natural, scientific and loads of fun for students, teachers and parents as well. We believe that learning has to be stress free, hands on and relevant to today’s times. Based on the fundamentals of age appropriate learning and deep understanding of neurosciences, the learning program at RIS is devised to challenge the human mind. With interaction and collaboration at its core the learning program at RIS ensures that students remain focused, internalize the knowledge and enjoy the process of learning and sharing.

The learning program aims at building the Learners Profile based on the following facets:

RIS learning philosophy
3e learning model

This unique learning model is the wireframe for all the academic and developmental programs at RIS. It stems from the very nature of an individual to decipher the unknown, experience anything that’s new and express what he or she feels about it. That’s how all of us tend to learn. The 3E learning model integrates this learning life cycle in its academic and developmental programs.


The first step to learning is via sight, sound, touch, taste and smell leading the student into the world of exploration of his or her immediate environment. We believe that more one uses the five senses the more one tends to absorb. At RIS, we encourage exploration be it in the vibrant school environment, through technology platforms or via interactions with educators or peers. The primary aim of Exploration stage is to increase curiosity, trigger imagination, encourage questions and in the process get excited about learning.


Every leaner tends to recall, relate and revert faster and in a more accurate manner if he/she has had the firsthand experience in his/her lifetime. Unless and until we don’t package the information into an exciting learning experience we tend to either forget or are unable to relate. At RIS, experiential learning techniques applied by educators ensure that students internalize the concept and also understand the context.


Committed towards building self-expression amongst the students and also providing dynamic platforms of expressing ones thoughts and emotions, sharing knowledge and findings, collaborating to form action teams to implement projects in real time and showcasing their talents and skills gives all of us an opportunity to acknowledge, appreciate and encourage our students and validate their efforts and celebrate their success.

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