Happy schools make happy children!” …..

Can a school be so much fun that a child refuses to be absent?

At REJOICE , we firmly believe , that all children are entitled to be happy and enjoy their life at school, whether through a genuine love for learning ,through building positive friendships and relationships ,or through a sense of belongingness.

At RIS, we recognise the crucial relationship between HAPPINESS and EDUCATION. We look beyond the traditional domains of learning to embrace diversity of talents and intelligences by recognising values, strengths, competencies that contribute to a learner’s happiness and wellbeing!

We believe, that the responsibility of creating this HAPPY EDUCATION environment is that of the school and the parent community has a significant role to play along with the school. At RIS, we acknowledge that when a child feels competent he is able to do what is expected of him, he feels confident and relishes his success. At RIS, children feel the academic rigour and are challenged to think creatively. Context based learning along with student oriented discovery and self-initiated activities ensure that the classrooms are dynamic and vibrant.

A Happy School also needs the commitment and perseverance of a Happy Team. At RIS we value contribution. Recognition, Acceptance and Handholding form the three pillars of a building a Happy Team at RIS. Every Educator/ GURU is respected and is given enough freedom to express themselves and make her/his special bond with the children.

At RIS, we believe that happy people around you motivate you to try more and put in that extra effort which actually makes the difference between success and failure. We feel that  very school should  be a Happy Learning Space and should spread smiles all around.

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