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“A poor teacher talks, a good teacher teaches, but the best teacher inspires.”

A teacher is someone who can make your learning experience worth remembering or amazing or dull!  Studies have shown that an effective teacher is someone who can urge the child to learn more, create a sense of curiosity and wonder and bring it into the classroom. So what makes an effective teacher? not an efficient teacher but an effective one?.

An Efficient teacher would be someone who would just tell- remember the teacher in college that you didn’t lie to one bit for some odd reason and who’s lectures you resented to attend and the Effective teacher who taught so well, that you still remember the subject like you remember the menu at your favourite restaurant.

So what’s the recipe to being an Efficient Teacher?

Never Stop Learning:

We firmly believe, an effective teacher is someone who has constant need of gaining more knowledge, gaining more information which will help students succeed. Learning from time to time not only improves ones knowledge base but also gives one a chance as a teacher to look at things from a different perspective.

They always search for inspiration:

Effective teachers are always on a search for fresh inspiration, we all have millions of thoughts every day and some of them are brilliant ideas, getting an outside opinion on any idea you think is worth your students, is a must do.

Attend meetings with other teachers and take their advice, and give them advice. Like a daily shower, being inspired daily and finding inspiration is important, even if it is by looking at Instagram or Google.

Openness towards new technologies:

The world is changing faster than it was ever before, every month there is a new piece of cell phone available or a new device that you never knew you needed, with features that you never knew you needed. Be open to changes that are going to make young students lives easier for them and help them understand what you teach better.

It I very important to be open to change, because of things changing at the pace that they are, teachers need to be open to every kind of change that is been thrown towards them.

Be Positive:

Children are able to detect moods better than adults can. Not being positive around children can hinder their learning experience and growth. Being positive also builds a conducive atmosphere in the classroom and around a child bringing more fun and comfort. It is important to smile and laugh and be very approachable when in the classroom, you don’t want to appear unreachable or too stern making anyone feel too scared to approach you.

Regular communications with their Parents:

Some parents are very strict with children, but it is a duty of a really good teacher to stay in communication with their students’ parents, as a parent has every right to know what’s going on and what kind of activities their children are doing. It’s always important to keep an open channel to talk if ever a parent wishes to talk to you.

Bring fun into the classroom:

Bringing the fun into the classroom is very important, as it helps and acts like a stress reliever. A lively teacher, is always loved and admired by the students. So don’t miss out on being the favourite amongst your students.

Set common goals and expect success:

Effective teachers set common goals and a way to meet them, they set targets for themselves, their colleagues, their students. Settings goals helps everyone to work together and achieve them. Setting short term goals for your students and help them achieve them will lead to them being motivated and increase their self confidence.

As a teacher, one should expect greatness and success from their students, its fine if a student isn’t able to achieve it, but set high standards for them to achieve. As they say, aim for the sky and even if you don’t achieve your target you will fall amongst the stars.

Bonus Tips:

  • Teach your students about life, tell them that not everything will always go as per their plans.
  • Indulge them into reading and literature.
  • Teach them acceptance, tell them not everyone is going to be like they are and it’s alright.
  • Try to remove out all gender rules from your classroom, tell them it’s okay to cry and show emotions.
  • Keep close attention on your students, if a student comes from an abusive family or is depressed, it is your duty to help them.
  • Teach your students conversation skills, help them overcome their phobias and fears if you can.
  • Lastly, teach them anything and everything that you wished your own teachers would have or should have taught you.
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