How to identify your child’s primary learning style

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He hates playing with cars, she enjoys numbers more than colours, he loves to star gaze rather than watch TV shows or cartoons, every child is different and every child has a different way to view things. A different way to process things in their mind.

There are different ways a child learns, it can be one single style or a mixture of multiple styles, but they learn how they find it easier to understand. As a parent or a teacher one must understand the individual learning style of each student so it is easier for you to help them learn, making learning a fun and memorable experience.

There are five main types of learning styles and two intermediate types, which we will explain below to help you identify your child’s learning style to help improve how he learns and help him or her learn more, in a way that interests them.


A child with a visual primary learning style is someone who loves to learn through visuals, through pictures and images, if you find your child creating an array of different pictures to remember what’s been though is primary style is visual.


Is your child someone who prefers, music and sound when learning? A new rhythm or humming of a tune when learning something new in fact benefits a lot more than regular poems used to present new concepts. Auditory learners though get distracted easily from sounds in the environment.


Kids who prefer the lingual or the verbal learning style are the ones who love to read and write the thing they are supposed to understand. If you have a child who likes to read and write what he/she is trying to understand or learn than remember he is more of a linguistic learner. These types of learners are most commonly found in traditional schools.


Some kids like to use their hands and feet to get a touch of things when they are learning anything or something, you will find such children making wild had gestures if using their hands when they are learning or reading trying to understand anything, such children end up being very interested in activities such as PE and sports.

Logical and Numerical:

Such students prefer the mathematical subjects and arguments and using logic present on the system, if you find your child asking you why and how again and again, he is in fact a curious souls and he could also have his primary learning as logical, such kids generally lean towards becoming researchers and doctors.

These are the primary or the basic styles used by children for learning and studying, they can use only one of these styles or use a little out of every single one of them, whatever and however it suits their needs.

It’s our duty as teachers and parents to understand these and use them best to help our children understand what they don’t and make learning and studying easier and interesting for them. And help them get ready to face the real world.

Along with the five primary technique there are two sub ordinate techniques which we use, knowingly or unknowingly.


Social learners are those that like to study in a group with a friends and classmates. These children are the ones who are not afraid of new friendships and are comfortable talking with unknown people but as a whole prefer being in a group.


These are the children who prefer to work alone or study alone. Remember the child who likes to hang out on his own and finish his work by himself- he would be someone who fits perfectly into this category.

As a teacher, it is an important thing on our part to identify the child’s learning type and then use it. It is important to teach a subject in his learning style, rather than teaching in a style he won’t lean in.

Making learning easier and fun filled is the final goal of any teaching!!

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