16. I need to work during the day. How can I communicate this to my child?

  • It can be difficult for children to understand when you are available, and when they need to do things independently. Knowing what to expect can make it easier for them to be independent when needed.
  • Walk through your child’s schedule, and discuss which times they will be with you or another grown-up, and which times they will be playing independently. Mark these in some way for your child’s reference. You can put a green dot next to activities that will be completed with a grown-up’s help, and a purple dot next to activities that they will do independently.

Throughout the day, you can model using the schedule. “During play time, there is a purple dot, so I’m going to do work at that time. After your play time, we’re going to do learning time together!” If children know the next time they will get to be with you, it can be easier for them to complete an activity independently

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