18. It’s my first time using a schedule with my child. Where do I start?

  • Your child likely uses a schedule in their classroom. You can try connecting to their school schedule while implementing one at home: “Just like you have times for different activities, we’re going to do the same thing.”
  • Schools often use 2-minute warnings to help make transitions easier.  This can also be used to prompt children to tidy their area before moving on:  “2 more minutes and we’re cleaning up”; “Just like at school you have to clean up before the next activity, we’re going to do the same thing at home.”
  • If your child has not used a schedule at school, you can show your child how to use a schedule through modeling. After breakfast, you can say, “Let’s check the schedule to see what’s next.” Model pointing to the schedule and reading what it says. “Next, we are going to play outside!”
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