19. What if the schedule is not working for my child?

  • Adjust based on you and your child’s needs. If you are noticing that 30 minutes is too long to spend on a math activity, shorten it! Children tell us what’s developmentally appropriate for them by demonstrating engagement. If they are losing engagement, that may indicate that the activity is too long, or too easy/difficult.
  • Provide choices for each activity to give children an opportunity to express their preference. For example, learning time may have the same two options each day: practice math on Khan Kids, or practice drawing letters. Change out the choices periodically to keep things engaging!
  • Ask children for their input. After using a schedule for a week or two, sit down with your child and ask, “What parts of the day do you like?” “What parts of the day can we change?” If there is an activity that a child needs to do, such as teeth brushing, incorporate choice by asking which time of day they’d like to do it: “Would you like to brush your teeth before you get dressed, or after?”
  • Children may do better without a schedule! Schedules are not necessary, and they should not be used if they are not helpful. You are the expert on your child!
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